You wish your child were here already. You long for a child and it feels elusive.  Things are confusing, challenging, frustrating or perhaps just all new.

We are a support service intended to help improve the outcome of your particular family building pursuit. Specifically designed for people pursuing a child through fertility treatments or adoption, we offer individualized, non-medical support services to complement your journey.

Specifically, OUR GOAL is to help you reach YOUR GOAL of having a child FASTER, LESS EXPENSIVELY and LESS STRESSFULLY.

Along with your medical team’s guidance, you will receive help to make difficult or expensive decisions, determine next steps after a setback or endure the inevitable emotional roller coaster.  Like a doula would support you through the lead-up, labour and aftermath of the birthing process, your “fertility or adoption doula” would counsel, coach or support you (and/or your partner) through each step of your journey.

Your chances for success will improve because:

  • You will have another “team member” working alongside you
  • You will reduce your stress (emotional, physical and possibly financial)
  • Accordingly, you are likely to stick with the process longer
  • You will discover more options and possibilities than you might otherwise have.  Our team has “been there” and achieved success. You can too!

Available at the “thinking/getting started” stage, through a cycle or between cycles for fertility patients.  Available at any stage for those considering or already pursuing adoption.

Packages or individual hourly sessions available.  Prices vary accordingly.

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