Our Services

Individuals and/or couples find us through referrals from physicians, through individual research or through word-of-mouth.  Though we are not doctors, we work alongside doctors in fertility situations and alongside adoption practitioners and agencies in adoption situations.

We have all been through the journey ourselves so we “get it” in ways that others don’t.  One of the biggest complaints that people have is that there is no one to talk to.  People suffer in isolation and in silence.  Relationships then suffer.  Our bodies suffer and then they just say “no” regardless of what we do to try to make them work.

We bring the conversation into open to help relieve the burden of carrying this alone.  We provide information, decision making support, guidance and referrals.  We treat each person as an individual in a unique situation and we customize our services to each person’s needs.

In so doing, we hold your hand, we hold your heart and we hold your future, respectfully, to help you get a child into your life faster, less expensively and with less stress.

Packages & Individual Support

All packages include a unique situation assessment, preparation of a customized “roadmap”, individual support and coaching through each step and determination of alternative approaches where necessary.

“Getting Started” Package

4 hours to answer additional questions, discuss the experience, address individual concerns.  Includes individual coaching around specific barriers or difficulties.

“Cycle Companion” Package

Doula services from the beginning of a cycle through to the test results including:

  • Explanations of the aspects of a cycle
  • Guidance in preparing lists of questions for doctors & nurses
  • One-on-one discussions of fears, trepidations and worries
  • Accompanying you to appointments or debriefing afterward
  • Companionship and immediate support following either a positive or a negative result

“What now? Next Steps” Package

Individualized support services to review/grieve a failed cycle, compile a question list for potential cycles, review options, make decisions.

Individual doula, counselling and/or coaching services for patient, partner or couple on as-needed hourly basis (i.e. accompany to transfer, help with injections etc.)

  • Could include referrals to specialist coaches, psychotherapists or other practitioners

“The Adoption Route”

Information, decision support, coaching and guidance through the consideration of adoption plus starting and navigating the process.


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